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Whitetail Deer Hunting

When it comes to hunting, Alberta is best known for our big bodied heavy racked whitetails. Our whitetail camp, just an hour North-east of the Edmonton airport, is strategically located to offer our clients some of the best whitetail hunting western Canada has to offer!

Heavy scouting is the strategy and ambush from ladder stands, pop-up blinds, box blinds tri-pods, and quad pods are our tools of the trade in taking the 150 plus bucks are clients make the trek to Alberta for. On the rare occasions when temperatures really plummet heaters are available for use in Box Blinds, Quad Pods and Pop-ups.

November Rut Rifle Hunts

Nothing matches the adrenalin rush of hours of inactivity to the sudden appearance of one of our Alberta rutting monster bucks working a scrape line! In the time it takes to lift your gun you need to decide - is he the one? Our job is all about creating opportunities at 150 plus bucks and the brutal truth is that there never is as many as you would like. Having said that, no outfitter will work harder to put you within range of your trophy of a lifetime!

Although my brother John and I have been chasing these Alberta Whitetail deer for over 30 years with a bow, it was only in 2002 when we decided to get into the whitetail outfitting business. To date, we our proud to say that over 50% of our gun whitetail hunting clients have taken bucks that are averaging over 150 points. Every year we add more huntable property and increase our knowledge on the ideal stand and blind placements in the land we hunt.

Generally we hunt the 3 prime weeks of the rut in November. Typically you arrive in Edmonton on a Sunday and are taken right to the lodge (no extra hotel, food or transportations costs to consider). You hunt 6 days Monday thru Saturday and can plan to leave the following Sunday morning.

November Rut Bow Hunts

I offer a maximum of 2 Whitetail Rut Bowhunts in November on my own property in the world famous Edmonton Bow Zone. I have had the good fortune of taking numerous Pope & Young Whitetails on this property myself and work very hard to create the same opportunities for my clients.