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Matt Maurer 2010 - Pope & Young Black Bear

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Ryk Visscherís Hunting Adventures


To travel to Alberta is to experience a diversity in quality hunting opportunities that is unparalleled in North America! Iím proud to say that since 1989, I have been able to develop an outfitting business that offers a wide range of some of the best hunting experiences our province has to offer.

We offer a wide variety of hunting opportunities:

May brings our 6-day spring baited black bear hunts and although we cater primarily to a bowhunting clientele, gun hunters are more than welcome for this adventure of a lifetime in the backcountry of north-east Alberta.

Late September Ė Early October brings our 8-day moose Bowhunt hunts where every hunt falls in the peak of the Rut.

November is non-stop action starting with 1 or 2 Moose rifle hunt November 1st and then 2 weeks of Trophy Whitetail Bow & Gun hunts where we really focus on those 300 lb. wall hangers Alberta is so well known for.

Whether itís Moose, Bears or Whitetails - bow or rifle, Iím here to tell you that if youíre looking for the hunting adventure of a lifetime, please give us the opportunity to make your trip to Alberta a memorable one!

Ryk Visscher